The privilege of being blessed with a daughter is the most rewarding experience one can hope for. Seeing your little princess smile with joy is pure magic. As a parent, you usually do this with hugs, kisses, tickles and the occasional double hand upward throw (Note: Do not attempt if you have slow reflexes).

These moments are precious and bind a stronger relationship with your daughter.
But I think you would agree that these gestures fall a bit short when you are celebrating a special holiday or occasion with your daughter. Not that we are being materialistic, nothing beats pure love of course. But special times are made more memorable when you take time and effort to bestow a gift.

Gift? What Gift?

If your daughter is still a baby, the choices are quite simple. Baby safe toys, cute clothes, and baby bottles. The three that I mentioned is already a year’s worth of gift ideas.

It gets a little trickier when your little princess grows up. She would have preferences on toys. You bought a Barbie but she wanted a “Hatchimal”. You bought a teddy bear but she wanted a unicorn. You bought her a Unicorn but she wanted one with a rainbow colored tail and pink colored horn. It’s a little complicated especially if you don’t know what a “Hatchimal” is.

Clothes? Same thing. Your daughters might have their own unique style. The generation gap could lead to some awkward gift unwrapping if bought a dress that just missed the fad by a few months.

Blame it on YouTube and those fashionable Youtuber kids.

Confused on What to Give as a Gift?

As you can see, selecting the perfect gift for your daughter takes some planning. It would be nice if you follow trends or know the products that they like. Therefore, as parents, finding the right gift for your daughter is a mini adventure in itself. You have to find something that they like but also convey your message and love.

Well, you could just buy her that latest gadget and be done with it. But that is a cop out and not very budget friendly.

Let us Help You

Irrespective of your daughter’s age, whether you are celebrating her birthday, Christmas, graduation, moving up or any personal accomplishment, you can’t go wrong with a flower bouquet and a sweet batch of chocolates. These are classic gifts for any occasions and perfectly encapsulates your love for your daughter.

Sending flower and chocolates is made easy by Giftastic PH.

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Affordable Flower Shop in Davao City

Flowers? If you think flowers are just for sweethearts and romantic proposals, think again. Proper selection of flowers and arrangement is key.
We at Giftastic PH can provide suggestions based on the occasions, age, and your daughter’s unique character. A perfect bouquet of roses for her 18th birthday. Various colorful blooms and showers for her 7th birthday. A dozen or two of long-stemmed white roses on her happy wedding day (and universally known as the day that Dad cried).
How do you make your gift more special? There are many ways but adding chocolates is a sure way to brighten your daughter’s day. Chocolate birthday cakes. A box of Ferrero Rocher, Belgian Chocolates or Hershey’s Kisses. I have yet to meet a kid or kid at heart that didn’t like chocolates.
Online Gift Delivery for Your Daughter

If your daughter is about to celebrate a special and the date is fast approaching, finding the perfect gift can be a surprisingly hard task. This is doubly hard for overseas foreign workers or those physical away. Give us a call, visit our website or drop by our office and we would gladly assist you. Our online shop delivers flowers and gifts in Davao City as well as the greater Davao region, Cebu, Kidapawan, Quezon City, Zamboanga City, and Metro Manila.