There’s something about flowers that makes one stop, stare, and think wonderful thoughts. How many of us would choose to live in a place where we can have blooming flowers in our midst all day, every day? Or if this is not possible, to at least receive a bouquet of flowers just when we’re feeling down and out. Do people still give flowers as gifts, though?

Here in Davao, where there is an abundance of blooms of every kind, the giving of flowers and gifts in Davao is not at all unusual. This thoughtful act happens not only during Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day but all year round.

Different flowers convey different messages, and how they are arranged also tells a different story. So if you’re planning to give someone a flower bouquet, or if you’re lucky to receive one, take an interest to find out what the gift really means.

Rose Bouquet

Rose bouquets are as extremely popular as they are lovely. A symbol of love and affection, roses are a huge favorite come Valentine’s Day. A bouquet of two roses symbolizes mutual love and affection, while a bouquet of three roses represents a one-month relationship. Did you just get six roses? Well, it means someone’s crushing on you! If nine roses are in your bouquet, they come with the promise of being together forever. Such a sweet message, isn’t it? But what’s more romantic than saying “Be Mine” with a bunch of twelve roses? If you triple the number, that’s good as saying, “I’m head over heels in love.”

Bouquet of Daisies

Your best friend has just given birth and you’re miles away. Let not distance keep you from sending your warm wishes, somehow. Take advantage of the internet and look for a flower shop that offers online flower delivery in Davao, and place an order of daisies to be delivered to the new mom. Daisies speak of innocence and purity, but legend has it that Freya, the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, regarded the flower as sacred, and so daisies have become the flower of choice to celebrate childbirth and new beginnings.

Sunflower Bouquet

Doesn’t it just make you smile when you see a bunch of sunflowers? Sunflowers in full bloom along the highway attract good vibes. They invite positive energy, don’t they? Just imagine them delivered right to your doorstep! A bunch of them is sure to cheer you up in no time. No wonder, sunflower bouquets are a favorite to give a friend who’s feeling sick, blue or someone who’s simply under the weather. So whether it’s you or someone else needing some sunshine, a sunflower bouquet will just do the trick.

Bouquet of Lilies

Lilies just scream elegance. It doesn’t matter where you put them; their beauty simply stands out. They’re beautiful just the way they are — classic, timeless, and never going out of style. Whatever the occasion, you’ll never go wrong with lilies. Lilies are sometimes associated with death, though, that’s why you’ll find them in most funeral bouquets and wreaths. But lilies, in all their glory, also give the message of hope. For this reason, they make the perfect gift for anniversaries and similar occasions, as well.

Mixed Flowers Bouquet

A bouquet of mixed flowers is always a feast to the eyes. You can play around with several colors or you can go monochromatic. Regardless, a mixed flowers bouquet makes the best gift to celebrate an achievement. Graduation, retirement, birthdays, and outstanding performances are some of the events where giving mixed flowers and gifts in Davao are appropriate.

Walking along the streets of Davao, one can find numerous options of flower bouquets. Flower shops are practically everywhere. But remember, flowers speak volumes, so make your choice matter. Choose the right flowers for the right occasion and for the right person.