“For it is in giving that we receive” — Saint Francis of Assisi

Everyone loves receiving gifts. Even legitimate “scoundrels” like The Grinch, from the movie The Grinch Stole Christmas…it’s a great story about…ah, never mind. Anyway, even that Grinch character felt happy and appreciated when he received a gift. Whether it’s to celebrate a holiday or a birthday, gifts are a great way to tell someone that they are liked and valued.

I would bet against meeting anyone who negatively reacts to receiving a gift. Well, maybe if they don’t like the gift they received. But this is more a feeling of disappointment replacing the initial joy of receiving. In any case, one must remember the age old adage that gift giving “it’s the thought that counts”.

How about the other side of the equation. How do you feel about giving gift? I don’t have the numbers to support this but I believe that people are naturally inclined to give gifts. Thus the existence of another classic adage that “it is better to give that to receive”.

Reasons Why Gift Giving Never Grows Old

Gifts carry our messages and feelings. It is a way to show the value we place on a person or relationship. It can also show how the giver perceives the recipient. A romantic interest, a great friend or maybe one’s greatest love. Every gift, especially those that are well thought of can convey these messages even without the benefit of words.

To further drive home the value of gift giving. Here are three reasons why gift giving never grows old.
It’s part of celebrating a holiday or special occasion

Filipinos have a unique way of celebrating holidays and special occasions.

Look no further than the yearly 100 day Christmas countdown. It popularly known that Filipinos have one of the longest Christmas celebration in the world. Starting from December 16th up to January 3rd of the next year making Christmas the undisputed favorite Filipino holiday.

We have such anticipation for Christmas that our radio stations play Santa songs in September. The caveat here is that everyone, your neighbor, your third cousin, the guy who collects the weekly trash, everyone expects to receive a Christmas gift.

That is a lot of people to shop for.

Luckily, for those extra special people in your life. You can opt to give them something special…and something so much easier to procure.

Giftastic PH is an online gift delivery service that you can use to send flowers and chocolates to your love ones.

Our office is located in Davao City but can serve a wide market. We offer FREE DELIVERY with a FREE GIFT CARD to all our customers. When you send gifts to the Philippines, we commit to delivering on time even during the holiday rush.

2. Gift Giving is a Tradition in the Philippines

Aside from occasions and holidays, Filipinos traditionally give gifts whenever they come home from a vacation or from working overseas. We call this “pasalubong”. It is the Filipino tradition for travelers to bring gifts or souvenirs from their destination to people back home. It can be a bit of hassle to bring along gifts while carrying all your luggage.

How about being smart about your “Pasalubongs”. Check out the gift section at Giftastic PH and pick the best pasalubong for your loved ones. Before you arrive home order your pasalubong and send gifts to Davao City, other parts of the Davao region, Quezon City, Zamboanga City, and Metro Manila. The pasalubongs will arrive just in time saving you the burden of shopping and carrying additional baggage.

3. Gift Giving at Work and Corporate Functions

It is now common to give and receive gifts during corporate events. If you are sponsoring an event and your company is expecting important guests. It would be prudent to prepare a welcome gift as a token of your appreciation. I’ve seen common occurrences of gifts being in the form of USB drives, notebook planer and bags. Nothing wrong there, I did say that “it is the thought that counts”

But if you really want to stand out and imply the importance of your guests. Your company is better served to give more sentimental gifts. Visit the online shop of Giftastic PH and we help you find that special gift to make your guests feel truly appreciated.

A corporate milestone is made more memorable by giving a professionally arranged flower bouquet or a box of premium chocolates to your business partners. It speaks volumes on your commitment to the partnership and the business.

Davao Flowers and Gifts

At the end of the day, when it comes to gifts. It is the thought that truly counts and it is better to give than to receive. Both sayings hold true.

No matter the occasion, a gift should reflect your sincerity and affection. If you are running out of ideas or if you are not personally available to deliver your gift. Give us a call, visit our website or drop by our office and we would gladly assist you. Our online shop delivers flowers and gifts in Davao City as well as the greater Davao region, Paranaque, Cavite, Cebu, Quezon City, Zamboanga City, and Metro Manila.