Giving an individual or group present to your boss is alright if it means showing your concern and appreciation for a professional mentor. A good choice is to send exquisite-looking but affordable flowers in Davao. The perfect occasion would be the boss’ birthday, wedding anniversary, or Christmas Day. Or, the gift can be in recognition of the guidance, kindness, and career advice from your superior during the year.


You must be sincere in giving that material gift. It doesn’t have to be pricey. The keepsake can be a flower bouquet with a good-looking card of genuine gratitude. If you’re buying something as a group, try soliciting a minimal contribution from each employee to reduce costs. In this way, the entire team gets credit with everybody sharing in the satisfaction.

Although there is a long list of possible items, a practical choice would be to send flowers and chocolate. You can also include a bottle of wine if the budget allows. If it’s Christmas, this is a simple and inexpensive manner of sharing the holiday spirit without behaving in an unacceptable way.

Group Gift
Consider the group present first to deal with the budget issue. A consensus from the body indicates what the boss will truly like. However, it’s a foregone conclusion that your manager will love the gesture regardless of what the item is. There should be one person coordinating the whole thing. If it’s not you, contribute by supporting that person and your teammates. Otherwise, non-cooperation will not look good on you.

Remain Tasteful
Be discreet if you really want to give a personal gift to the boss for being an adept teacher. Perhaps, the best way is to choose a premium online flower delivery in Davao. This ensures private delivery without showing off to your colleagues. Bear in mind that you must be inconspicuous. Otherwise, some employees may misinterpret the act as trying to obtain favors from the boss. Giving the present outside the office is another possible option.

Please and Not Impress
Avoid luxurious goods. Your goal is to express gratitude or appreciation and not to brag. Keep the gift modest, heartfelt, and inexpensive. That is why affordable flowers in Davao would be an ideal choice rather than personal items such as perfumes or jewelry. Extravagant stuff can pressure the recipient to respond materially as well. Costly presents should come from a group and not an individual.

Flowers not Money
Cash gifts will send the wrong signals. Besides, your boss is the last person in the company who needs or prefers money as a present. Give a flower bouquet instead. Here are some suggestions:
White Rose

There’s no reason not to give flowers to your superior for as long as the occasion is appropriate. It could be a birthday, wedding, birth of a new baby, departure from the organization, or retirement. Flowers can also stand as a sympathy offering if the boss loses a next of kin. In other words, flowers remain a proper approach of conveying one’s well-wishes. You can find an affordable flower shop in Davao City.

Color of Flowers
If you’re planning to send flowers to Davao to a manager, avoid certain shades like red or pink. Such colors are more for personal gifts because these denote love and romance. The only exception is if your boss is getting married. White, red, and pink are suitable wedding roses. It’s one of the best ways to congratulate a superior, subordinate, or co-worker prior to her or his wedding day.

The yellow color indicates good health. Orange and gold mean gratitude and enthusiasm. White speaks of remembrance. A bouquet of 12 white blooms is a common sympathy present. If you’re in doubt, seek the advice of staff in a flower shop in Davao regarding the meaning and colors of various flowers.

Business Etiquette
Formal rules don’t require or prevent any worker from giving gifts to managers. Giving doesn’t look proper if your goal is to solicit personal favors or special treatment. At the same time, sending an inappropriate item will make your boss feel uncomfortable. Be on the right side.

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